Acknowledging the need for help is an expression of self-honesty.  Seeking the information necessary to make an informed decision is an expression of curiosity and self-care.  Asking for help and confronting our feelings and issues is an act of courage.

It is my hope that the following pages provide the materials needed to help satisfy your curiosity and explain how I provide a safe and supportive environment in which you can be courageous.  It is my endeavor, to work collaboratively with my clients, to provide the best therapeutic experience possible.  To better understand my therapeutic approach and views on some of the challenges that face us all, I would recommend the essays on the “A Few Thoughts About”  tab.

I am available to discuss and have an expertise in the areas of relationship issues, anxiety and fears, trauma, depression, grief and loss, addiction, crisis management, and working with difficult adolescents.  Individual, couples, family, and group therapy are available in both of my San Fernando Valley offices.